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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Obama’s Planned Executive Order on Abortion

Here is the official text of the White House announcement and the planned executive order from President Barack Obama. As published in the Wall Street Journal. READ IT FOR YOURSELF
I am not a lawyer but I don't believe that an EO can make nor change a law. I believe Stupak was either fooled or is using the EO as an excuse for voting YES. Hiding what he was really promised. Oh! the webs we weave when we try to deceive.


al said...

you and i both know that this thing is not worth the paper it is written on. the first group or person who sues over this, the courts are beholden to the law not an executive order. once again this bill is showing how bad it is going to be

Emmett Grayson said...

I can't guess exactly what made Stupak fall for this ploy. He may be dumb enough to believe ObaMao but no one else is. The pro-aborts know it was a meaningless sap given to a sap, so they aren't concerned about it. That alone ought to tell Stupak all he needs to know, right?