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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Is Is Barack Hussein Obama actually attempting to take control of your Internet?

Is it possible? Is Barack Hussein Obama actually attempting to take control of your Internet? According to House Minority Leader John Boehner and a number of other sources, the answer is an unqualified "yes."

In fact, Boehner recently came right out and accused the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) of pursuing a "government takeover of the Internet." Specifically Boehner said that the FCC is engaging in an action that "amounts to a government takeover of the Internet... yet another government takeover of a large portion of the private sector by the Obama administration."Boehner added that "under this job-killing big government scheme, the Obama administration is seeking to expand the power of the federal government. "

And Boehner is already calling on his fellow members of Congress to "act to reverse this unnecessary federal government power grab."

I am with Boehner. How about you?

Thanks to The Western Center for Journalism

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Richard C Ryder said...

I believe Obama and his entire league of "czars" are trying to do just that! I can not believe the lengths to which this arrogant President thinks he can get away with what he is trying. Not only in this case, but all of his socialistic ideals! Great article.