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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Victory For Concealed Carry on Campus

Just last week the National Association for Gun Rights and its Colorado ally, Rocky Mountain Gun Owners scored a decisive victory for concealed carry on campus.

Under pressure from the lawsuit and a recent appeals court ruling that overturned a similar ban at the University of Colorado, CSU officials rescinded their anti-gun policy.

In light of CSU’s decision, the Colorado Community College system released a statement acknowledging that students, faculty, and citizens have the legal authority to defend themselves on community college campuses across the state.

Thanks to: Dudley Brown, Executive Director
National Association for Gun Rights

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Anonymous said...

I hope this is a victory for 2nd amendment rights. OK is now considering an open carry law that at last word was just awaiting the governor's signature. Freedom is still struggling to stay afloat. Praise for Colorado!