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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Obama Grovels to the Russians, Refers to the "Great Patriotic War"

Somebody needs to ask Obama -- I know it's not gonna happen -- but some press person needs to say, "Mr. President, what exactly have you done to foster and support private sector growth? Can you name one thing,
Mr. President, you have done that has caused private sector growth?" I'm sure he'd say health care, but it's not true. Obama said all that about the US can no longer pull the train for the world economy, he said all that yesterday while he was pushing for Russia and Putin to get into the World Trade Organization. CONTINUE
[via rushlimbaugh.com]


Hotel Managers said...

Great blog! Bravo
Your green friend

Lolajack said...

He wants a global community with the US losing her identity.

Lolajack said...

To continue, he and his ilk do not like the word "private", particularly when it comes to ownership. Sadly, more and more people agree with him and want what the other guy has. Life's not like that.

Maggie Thornton said...

Nice blog Tom. We sure have plenty to talk about, don't we?

Michael said...

Kudos for a well conceived & interesting Blog.

Relative to Obama saying we can't pull the train of the world economy, it's hard to be the engine when all the parts are made & assembled in China...a country that worsened the Korean War that you fought in, worsened the Vietnam War, & now they own our jobs, our technology, our debt, & nobody calls them what they are...Communist China.