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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Wikileak "Controversy"

I have been reading pros and cons all day and my take on this entire controversy is expressed by U.S. Senator Joe Lieberman who quite eloquently summed up the Wikileak controversy when he said:

“To keep our country safe, some information must be kept secret. This is a balancing act that the American people themselves ultimately control through our democratically elected representatives and our institutions. What Wikileaks is doing is to short-circuit this entire democratic process – claiming for itself the exclusive, unilateral, and unchecked power to decide what should and shouldn’t be made public. This is therefore not only an attack on our national security, but an offense against our democracy and the principle of transparency.”


Frank said...

While freedom of the press and free speech are important and necessary to our liberty as with all freedoms their must be some limits. The leaks that Wikileaks is making are beyond what is allowed under both the freedom of speech and the right of discovery by the press as expressed under the Constitution. To release all of these documents with no regard for who they may hurt and no attempt to expunge any parts that could hurt national security but have no value as historical information is both reckless and destructive. There is a great difference in investigative reporting and black mail. What Wikileaks is doing is black mail for the purpose of garnering fame and attention. Sadly we all will pay for their reckless behavior.

Thomas J. Holthaus said...

I agree 100% with all that you had to say

Jan Morrill said...

I agree with Frank also. I can't see any reason why Julian Assange is doing this except to create chaos not only in the United States, but worldwide.

I also fear he is setting a precedent for others who wish to seek fame by whatever means possible.

Sal said...

I'm a bit torn on this one. Perhaps too much info was released. On the other hand, though. Our leaders have become intolerably corrupted and we have NO transparency. They cover up ever damned move they make and much of what is called "security" is only personal security. They need to cover their own butts for illicit actions that may rightfully land them in jail if publicly known.

Perhaps wiki-links went to far, and perhaps there needs to be more discretion given to what information is released - but perhaps a little uncertainty about their ability to keep selfishly motivated illegal actions quiet might just induce some of these people to straighten up their acts a little bit. It didn't hurt us a bit when what the shisters were doing with the global warming fiasco. When truth actually becomes dangerous it's time to really stop and think about what we are allowing done in our names.

The real question is how much can be told without unnecessary harm to the innocent.