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Friday, February 4, 2011

Five Steps to Meeting the Crisis in Egypt and the Middle East

While all eyes are on the political violence in Egypt, the Obama Administration has labored in crisis mode, struggling to stay ahead of the rapidly moving events. Washington’s problem is that publicly the White House appears to be floundering, focusing myopically on events on Tahrir Square rather than exercising real presidential leadership and proactively working to safeguard America’s long-term vital interests in the region.
By exercising energetic leadership now and continuing to engage in the right way in the months ahead, the President can both protect U.S. interests and promote opportunities for liberty, security, and economic opportunity in the region. These actions would be far more likely to make a positive contribution than trying to appear relevant to the struggle for power in the streets of Cairo.CONTINUE READING

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revedup4 said...

The troubles of the Middle East,North Africa and South Africa along with the Saudi States, Egypt has it's roots from way back, long before there was a USA.

Strangely enough, those that we commonly call Muslim and the other lot the Jews were happily situated in different parts of Europe bringing knowledge and trade along with the Asians making good money many centuries ago, but I think our lot were a bit jealous of them and probably though it would be better to take them over by any means.

Must remember that resentment of the Israelites by those like the Egyptians and others in the area of the time of the likes of King David and others through time were agitators and aggressive leaders of them and did war not to save their people but to repress others, not as written and read from the Bible or the Ancient Texts. So out troubles started from the Crusades with the supposed Holy War to protect Israel, but was more about rapping the boys and killing the women, but mostly about plunder, but also remember that the Jews were put into ghettos centuries before Hitler came along, think that is where they got the idea from in their days. But back to.

The Crusades started the process off which in turn became colonization in times not that far back in time by many European countries of that area, along in other parts of the world and the corruption of leaders by the West over centuries right up to this day.

As far as the USA goes, well it's been a long running problem for them too as far back as early 1800's and has been passed on from one presidency to the next, and like others else where, used corruption and other means to get their way.

When you think about it, as close as one thousand years ago, most people in the world still belived multable Gods, that's including Euroupens, even though the concept of a single God came about a Phero around the two and a half to three thousand years ago, and many live happy live back then.