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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Think Tank Journalism: The Future of Investigative Reporting

The Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity provides journalists the opportunity to investigate and report on the stories that matter. We provide a place for the growing network of reporters to get training, editorial assistance, communications help and a virtual newsroom where reporters join together to discuss their stories and ask questions of each other. The network of journalists includes investigative and statehouse news reporters based at SPN think tanks, local nonprofits and independent reporters across the country.

The Franklin Center's growth in only two years is a testament to terrific news content, and the desperate need for this type of journalism. In the first year, the network grew to include reporters in 30 states. By the end of 2010, 41 states had reporters and 2011 promises more expansion and successes.

Consider this success story. In September 2009, Kathy Hoekstra found herself using assets from the Mackinac Center and the Franklin Center to investigate a union daycare scandal that was shocking the daycare industry. The story originated from a lawsuit filed by the newly-formed Mackinac Center Legal Foundation on behalf of two home-daycare owners in Michigan. About a year before, the women received notification in the mail that they were now members of a union, and that dues would be taken out of the subsidy checks they received on behalf of low-income parents, who qualify for aid through the Michigan Department of Human Services.

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