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Friday, June 3, 2011

The Incremental Assault on Liberty

Not so long ago, preceding the renewal of the Patriot Act by Congress, Sen. Rand Paul crafted a video explaining why he was opposed to renewing the Patriot Act. Subsequently, he offered 2 amendments to correct the more egregious violations of the Constitution perpetrated by the Patriot Act and delivered an impassioned defense of his position on the Senate floor. Plain and simple, Senator Paul believes in individual freedom: it is sacrosanct, it is enshrined in and protected by the Constitution. In addition, the American people have the means to redress that which violates individual freedom, even if it means taking up arms to defend that liberty. As we now know, Sen. Paul lost his fight and the Patriot Act has been extended by Congress. I would contend that he was right to stand up and oppose the extension of the Patriot Act, while I must also concede that the Patriot Act has yielded some benefit in our defense against terrorism. However, the Patriot Act as merely one form of attack on individual freedoms occurring in our nation. There is a growing host of even more egregious bootprints being placed on the necks of Americans. Many of these intrusions are local, county-wide, or state-wide in scope. Considered together with the Patriot Act, I am concerned there seems an emerging pattern of government overreach, seeking more power and thus, more control over our lives. Consider these few examples of the increasing reach of the government, gleaned from the news of just the past few weeks. CONTINUE READING

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