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Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Destruction of the American Economy

For those American Taxpayers mad about the Wall Street Bailouts, mad about the free falling economy, mad that the unemployment rate is skyrocketing, mad at your depleted 401K portfolios, this is a must read article.

This article will expose everything dirty about Wall Street and our Market Regulators. The crimes committed by the Wall Street Financial Banks/Brokers that lead to the Credit Crisis will be exposed. Crimes that our leaders in Washington and our Market Regulators are so desperately trying to hide from public view.

This report will detail all aspects of the Credit Crisis. You will learn that the Credit Crisis was caused by a combination of risky leveraged derivative bets, which are simply bank gambling debts and by the counterfeiting of stock securities, known as Naked Shorting. This report will detail who participated in these actions, this report will Name Names!

You will learn why the bailout of the banks will ultimately cost American Taxpayers tens of trillions of dollars more then what our leaders are currently forecasting. You will learn what the devastating effects the bailouts will have on our future and our children’s future. CONTINUE READING

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Anonymous said...

great article Tom This story needs to be told. Why is it not all over the news.