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Thursday, August 11, 2011

National Popular Vote

California Gov. Jerry Brown believes that "the occupant of the White House should be the candidate who wins the most votes." On Monday, he signed a bill that could hand the state's 55 electoral votes not to the candidate who wins California, but to the candidate who wins the most votes nationally.

If states representing a majority of electoral votes -- the magic number is 270 -- pass similar legislation, the California bill will activate. To date, eight states and the District of Columbia -- representing 132 electoral votes -- have passed laws to join an interstate popular-vote compact. (The beauty of the interstate compact, proponents argue, is that it does not require a hard-to-muster amendment to the Constitution, as the compact still allows states to choose how their electors vote.)

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Anonymous said...

Gov Jerry Brown had been groomed to be our president, and then he faded into the ethers, I'm actually inspired just to hear his name again. ~W~