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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Endemic Corruption

In its original sense, the word corruption meant rotting, putrification, as in dead or infected flesh. It's still an accurate description of the condition of today's body politic. Not a day goes by anymore without news of a new discovery of fraud, theft, and abuse of power by those entrusted with positions of authority. Lawlessness, lying, and disregard for ethics, much less morals, characterize the behavior of, it seems, a majority of today's elected and appointed officials. Honor and national pride are antiquated concepts, sneered at by post-modern promoters of a "living constitution," "relativism," "think global, act local," "multiculturalism," and "sustainable development."

Officials have finally started looking into the fraud and theft that have been rampant in the looting of the public treasury, euphemistically called the "stimulus." Word has it that there are some 100 criminal investigations up and running. Considering the hundreds of billions of dollars passed out by the Obama-Soetoro administration, this seems like the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Whether anyone actually responsible, rather than low-level scapegoats, is convicted remains to be seen. CONTINUE READING

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SUNLEO0778 said...

Thank u for this very interesting reading. I think everyone needs to start informing themselves on the real deal of the U.S. Govt. Our best interest is not their concern and never will it ever be. I appreciate your insight and the people who think your talking crazy talk obviously don't pay any attention to the crazy talks the govt is always trying to feed us.