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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Absolute Bureaucracy Corrupts Absolutely

For democracy to work as the Founders intended, bureaucrats cannot choose our elected officials. As obvious as this proposition appears, a federal investigation has concluded that this is what happened to the late Senator Ted Stevens (R-Alaska).

A federal court-appointed investigator concluded that Department of Justice career officials acted corruptly in their corruption prosecution of Stevens. In 2008, a week after DOJ prosecutors won a guilty verdict in federal court, he narrowly lost his reelection bid— by less than 4,000 votes—to Mark Begich who became the Democrats’ 60th Senate vote in their quest to pass, among other legislation, Obamacare.

According to the investigator’s report, the prosecution team engaged in “systematic concealment of significant exculpatory evidence” which might have exonerated Stevens. Even before the release of the report, in 2009, the Department of Justice, under Attorney General Eric Holder, concluded that the Stevens prosecution team had engaged in prosecutorial misconduct and asked the judge, who had already declared two of the attorneys in contempt of court, to set aside his conviction. Subsequently the DOJ reassigned some of the attorneys; one committed suicide CONTINUE READING

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