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Monday, June 11, 2012

Environmental Indoctrination in Public Schools

Indoctrination is one of the favorite strategies of the left for the simple reason that it works.  Give liberals the public schools, which America has done, and they will take our children, which they are doing.  Liberals understand that the best way to grow the next crop of liberals, environmentalists, and secular humanists is to indoctrinate them while they are young, and the best place to do that is in the classroom. Ironically, most American parents simply hand their children over to public educators for their daily dose of indoctrination with little or no thought to what takes place in the classroom.  Too busy or too complacent to pay attention, many American parents who are not liberals, environmentalists, or secular humanists are allowing their children to be systematically transformed into these things.
An example of environmental indoctrination is the “environmental literacy” graduation requirement approved by the Maryland State Board of Education.  Maryland educators adopted the environmental literacy requirement—which would more accurately be called the environmental propaganda requirement—at the urging of leftwing organizations that are determined to undermine business, industry, and capitalism.  One such organization is the No Child Left Inside Coalition (NCLI).  NCLI is an environmentalist group that advocates major societal change to prevent further global warming. Notice the presumptuousness of “further global warming.” NCLI’s agenda, like those of all leftwing environmental groups, is anti-business and anti-industry.  The organization is a collection of environmental alarmists who base their anti-business, anti-industry agenda on false assumptions and inaccurate science.CONTINUE READING 

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