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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Grass Roots Must Unite Behind Paul Ryan

“Join me in welcoming the next president of the United States, Paul Ryan!” 

For a flash of a moment, I thought the good guys had achieved the unachievable, dragging the top echelons of the GOP squarely back into the intellectual camp of fiscal responsibility, constitutionally-limited government, ownership-based entitlement reform, fundamental tax reform, sound money, and individual opportunity. 

It wasn’t quite that. It was the actual presumptive nominee, Mitt Romney, making a slight gaffe in introducing his choice for a vice presidential running mate. Maybe it was an intentional, subliminal signal to tea partiers and constitutional conservatives? After all, many of us would have preferred Ryan at the top of the ticket.

That said, Romney made a good choice — a great choice in fact. It was a real indication to grassroots America that the Romney camp is willing to finally engage on the big issues that matter most in this election. It’s not quite enough to say that Obama has failed, we know that. Incumbent presidents should not win reelection with persistent unemployment over 8 percent and a staggering $16 trillion in debt. Clearly Obama needs to be fired. But what are you, the Republicans, actually for?

Paul Ryan understands that progressivism is a fundamental threat to the American system based on bottom-up individual freedom and opportunity. He understands that economic growth comes from start-up entrepreneurs who struggle for success — who did, in fact, "build that."

He understands the threat of the entitlement state, how it will bankrupt the country and lock future generations into a system that taxes more and more, but returns less and less. He understands economic opportunity and the need for a tax system that is low, flat, fair and honest.  

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