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"One of the penalties of refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors" - Plato

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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Move to the Middle? I Think Not.

What is amazing is that there are those who honestly believe and profess that the Founding Fathers were cut from the same cloth as the squirrel-hugging, gay-lovin’, politically-correct, welfare state, open borders, socialistic, constitution-ignoring, big government, nanny-state, pseudo-Marxist, the-sky-is-falling pinkos who make up the modern-day liberal and progressive movement. Now that’s funny. And yet you run across those who try to make that case on a regular basis with a straight face.
Progressivism is completely incompatible with the vision of the Founding Fathers and the Constitution of the United States. They know and realize that, and the coping mechanism of the Left towards this reality is a combination of denigrating them as just a bunch of oppressive, outdated, and basically irrelevant, rich white males or attempting to redefine them as a bunch of deists who rejected Christianity and wanted a living, breathing constitution that they would have no problem warping into gay marriage, abortion-on-demand at every stage, and a massive nanny and welfare state (promoting the general welfare). Sometimes they even, rather confusingly, try to make both points at the same time.
Political correctness, multiculturalism, diversity, and tolerance (as defined and practiced by the Left) always results in Godless liberalism, Muslim uprisings, and economic decay. We see it in Europe and we are increasingly seeing it in the States. There are not just two, equally valid ideologies to choose from. Quite the opposite. They are polar opposites in goal, vision, and practice. CONTINUE READING


Jack Durish said...

What's fascinating to me is that the Founding Fathers were mere mortals like the rest of us, including progressives. That fact has always inspired me to attempt to emulate them, and criticize those, such as progressives, who fail miserably. What chance would we have to emulate them if they were "demigods?"

Thomas J. Holthaus said...

I agree, Jack