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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Restoration, Not Revolution

There has been a lot of talk over the last few years from certain elements of the Right about ‘revolution’. It’s a topic and occasional cry usually heard around every lost election and particularly when a Democratic president is in office. It permeates many discussions on Facebook and the various comments sections on a large number of blogs. In many ways, it’s a very disturbing jump from the normal, but often heated, debate and jostling of the political process.
The rhetoric I’ve been hearing as of late, since the re-election of President Obama, is very similar to the mutterings of some on the Right during the Clinton presidency when the once vaunted but ultimately paper tiger ‘militia movement’ roared upon the national scene. The pushing and shoving of those close to the line quickly evaporated as soon as someone actually crossed the line at that time. The weekend warriors and pretend, wannabe revolutionaries quickly scurried for home.  The whole movement and events surrounding it did nothing to advance the cause of liberty and the restore common sense and constitutional concepts to the political process or the operation of the federal government.
As conservatives we should seek the restoration of Founding Father’s vision for this country, not a physical revolution to bring it about. Blasphemy you say? Revolution is not doable, not desirable, and would only trigger the very boogie man scenarios that we often hear uttered. If you actually fear FEMA detention camps being used against right-wing patriots, the round-up of conservative minded citizens, mass confiscation of firearms, implementation of emergency decrees and martial law, restriction on other constitutional rights like speech and assembly, government seizure of control of the internet etc. then by all means try to wage war on the federal government. There would be no quicker way to bring about the reality of what has up to now been mostly fantasy, than by trying to start some doomed from the start civil uprising by the Right. Such an action would be so quickly maligned and rejected by the general public that it would fail miserably while forever dooming any hope of restoring the Republic and all that we hold dear.CONTINUE READING

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