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Thursday, January 3, 2013

America’s Dysfunction – Causal Factors and Solutions

Robert Higgs, author of “Crisis and Leviathan” said, “Few citizens possess much accurate information about political issues or the actions of politicians; nor do many citizens have much incentive to inform themselves better”. This lack of knowledge is referred to as “rational ignorance”.
America’s “rational ignorance” has been conditioned, educated, entertained, and parented for generations now… and we are surprised at the result. We should only be surprised that it has taken us this long to figure out our real dysfunction and our Achilles heel.
Today, we’re reaping the whirlwind of “rational ignorance”… a designed rational ignorance. Those with designs on collectivist tyranny (socialism, communism, fascism) realize the least-cost route to control is education, or better, mis-education.
For generations now the “progressive” movement has been preparing America for just this collectivist tyranny. Now, they see the U.S. electorate is closer to ‘ripe’ and I believe they are leveraging this fact to the hilt.
The fact voters could re-elect a complete fiscal and leadership failure is telling. The fact voters support policy and action completely mis-aligned with bedrock American principles and values, is telling. The fact that no serious attempts have been made in the last four years to provide a real budget… NO BUDGET… is nightmarishly telling. The fact that as recent as this week, a deal has been struck to increase taxes for 77% of Americans while showing no intention of reducing debt and deficit to avoid a “fiscal cliff” crisis is tragically, nightmarishly, and astoundingly telling. (Yes, so much so that new words need to be minted to communicate the nature of this beast.) No real solutions, only work to further erode our liberties (2nd Amendment passionately in their sights).  CONTINUE READING

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