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Monday, June 3, 2013

Scandal or Storm: The Making of Obama’s Legacy

Democrats are practically pleading with President Obama to sharpen his message. After successfully raising taxes on every working American at the beginning of the year, the progressive movement has suffered one debilitating blow after another.

In March, many in the media laughed when Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) declared conservatives were winning. But the rallying cry of collective action that rang throughout Obama’s second inaugural address now seems like more empty rhetoric, not an emerging reality.

Still buzzed from their victory over Mitt Romney, Team Obama held the misguided belief they could convince Americans (not collectivists to begin with) that they should join the team. Of course, whatever hope they had of changing the American people vanished as the IRS scandal grew.

Just last week, McClatchy reported the IRS audited a retired Army Lt. Col. after he began donating to and participating in conservative causes. As he explained it, “I am just a common citizen, who honorably served his nation for 23 years, who has not had this experience before and now honestly questions the actions and motivation of the IRS and how far they have gone in their actions.”

Bill Clinton’s former labor secretary Robert Reich cannot simply dismiss this as the “scandal du jour." Rather, it strikes at the very core of the Obama agenda.

For Americans to put their faith in the President’s government-centric solutions, they have to put their faith in government. They must also be comfortable with power inevitably vested in nameless, faceless bureaucrats as the leviathan grows.

Proponents of big-government are not stupid. They understand Americans are not comfortable with the necessary erosion of freedom that comes with the growth of government. They understand that nicer, more Orwellian ways exist to say those sorts of things. CONTINUE READING

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