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Monday, December 26, 2011

Deadly Virus

Destroying American’s ability to think, and making many delusional, unable to separate truth from lies, fantasy from reality

There’s a deadly virus infecting the body politic of America. It’s destroying American’s ability to think, and making many delusional, unable to separate truth from lies, fantasy from reality. As our quality of life vanishes before our very eyes, as our once peaceful country degenerates into a violent police state, as our freedoms and constitutional rights are stripped away by the strokes of government pens, Americans, like lemmings or the rats of Hamlin, troop blindly toward disaster, unable to see the fatal drop-off ahead.

If one were to only, as is the case with far too many people, get one’s news and information from the so-called mainstream media, one might think that professional sports and the lives of movies actors were of paramount importance, and that the only office of any consequence in the upcoming 2012 election is that of President. All we hear about is Obama-Soetoro and the handful of Republicans running against him. Mentions of the people running for the Senate or the House are so few as to be non-existent. However, the simple truth is that who is president means very little, if the House, and particularly the Senate, are controlled by veto proof majorities.

As things stand, the Senate is in the control of radical leftist Democrats, outright thieves, and their establishment Republican running dogs. The House is better, but still overrun with Marxists and turncoat Republicans who got elected by pretending to be conservative. In any case, both houses need to be taken back by We, the People, if we are to kill the deadly virus and save our country from a collapse into diseased darkness. CONTINUE READING

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