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Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Here is an infographic showing how much each Candidate spent in

Iowa. They spend like drunken sailors and this is just for one state. These are the same men that are running to be elected to solve our budget problems. I'm missing something somewhere. To me this graph alone explains why we have such money problems in this country.


Brian said...

Rick S and Michelle B at the bottom. The less you spend the more conservative you are? Makes sense actually.

Thomas J. Holthaus said...

Sure makes sense to me.

John Scotus said...

Not sure really what you are on about here. The money they spent was not public money, so it is not an indicator of how they would handle the budget if POTUS. The more important indicator is how much bang they got for the buck. By this standard, Perry comes across as a very poor businessman, and Bachmann actually did quite well.

Anonymous said...

It's the system - you *CANNOT* get anywhere in a Presidential race without spending loads of money. Unfortunately, without spending $$ Americans won't see your face, won't know anything about you -- might not even know you are running! -- unless some pundit happens to like you and voluntarily provides the info.

Given that you MUST spend money to campaign, the important question becomes: Who is funding you? Obama & Mitt have the same top contributor, Goldman Sachs (recipient of $10Billion in bailout $). Much of Rick Perry's expenses came out of taxpayer pockets bc he is Governor (ie his security detail etc).

If worried about how they handle TAXPAYER money - that is another story. Check how they vote when entitlement bills come up, when it's time to vote for salary increases for themselves, how they spent taxpayer money (ie their expenses) when they were Senator/GOvernor/ Congress member etc