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Friday, November 9, 2012

Where do 'We the People' stand today?

All right, now that the Elections are over & completed as it applies to ‘we the people’ and we find ourselves standing in front of the question - are we as a Nation any better off because of the choices we’ve collectively made? Have we managed to advance our country and improve our standing in our part of the country or the world? Are we going to improve in a direction that hardworking, honest, diligent people will have their lives improve on a daily basis? Have we reached the stage that we’re willing to answer the hard questions about how we self-govern?
History says that BHO will continue Rule by Decree as usual without restraint; Congress will do nothing to reverse those decrees (EO's) yet may attempt to give the American people the appearance that they are trying to rein in the madness. In the long run the American citizens will suffer maliciously at the hands of their chosen government for another several years. There is a belief that because this was the last election for BHO all the restraints are off. He speaks of revenge in his campaign against people who do not align with him. It is surprising that an elected official would choose to speak about some citizens in the country he was just re-elected to represent in that way. If memory serves, bullies act and speak that way … Do we really have to fear that the elected leader of our country intentionally wants to extract revenge on some citizens?
Recent history shows us a glaring fact … The United States of American is fractured along partisan ideological lines with diametrically opposed views. That outlook is accurate and difficult to dispute. Many people have taken their political identity and ideology to a level of belief rather than opinion. This entrenches those people’s thoughts and ideas into a much narrower path and reduces any potential for commonality. To seek a lowest common denominator in this vast sea of extreme polar positions becomes almost impossible. This appears to be much worse than a newly divorced couple trying to agree on anything, even if their lives depend on it. It seems that we, as a country, are unable to even agree on the color green which is a very true but very sad statement.   CONTINUE READING 


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Believe Kenia said...

I learned in social studies books about "we the people..." and I was fascinated with the idea coming from a different country. However, it seems the WE has become and I only because the WE seems to have stopped believing :( I think there is hope, it is about to join hands to work toward the same goal.